So Desert Bloom 2 is coming right up! We’ll be hosting it next Friday the 16th at the new Gangplank location in central Chandler. I’m really excited to see all the activity in that area. Shauna and I went around talking to local merchants about the event and were met with a lot of encouragement and interest.

A few weeks ago Eric helped me design the frames that will hold the murals for this event and last weekend Kyle and I built two frames. Each of them will hold a mural on both sides, for a total of four murals. They were a bit shaky but once I applied some cross supports as Eric recommended, they became quite sturdy. I’m confident that they’ll be useful for this event and many to come.


Today I dropped by the studio to build the last components needed – some braces to put at the ends of the shelves. I’ll put them on this weekend.


The planning crew and I are hoping to head down to Gangplank on Wednesday to test lighting, get the frames constructed, and the murals primed and ready. Not much time left! Can’t wait to see what people create!