Here are some examples that Laurie told/showed me how to make. It will probably be a while before I’m able to make these myself. :-)

I’ll have ample opportunity to practice on my own now that I have my setup at home, so the last few classes I’ve asked for some demonstrations of more advanced projects which I will have to work myself up to. First Laurie showed me how to make a frog. Here’s the one she made:


I plan to practice making some components of that before I jump into the full thing… It looked pretty involved.

She also demonstrated making a bead with a hollow mandrel. My hollow bead didn’t turn out so well – the walls came out pretty uneven and after one side touched the mandrel I had a lot of trouble keeping an even shape. I’d like to get a hollow rod at home so I can practice it some more. It seems like a good way to understand the basic concepts behind glass blowing.

Laurie also explained the techniques behind making a marble. This is one that she made, and you can see the awesome 3D effect she was able to get. This is definitely something I’d like to try out in the future: