From concept to reality

  • December 17, 2010 11:50 PM

The project that nearly wasn’t is nearing completion. In all this time though, I had never seen it as it was intended, so I decided it was due time. I wanted to see it as “proof of concept” and all in all I couldn’t be happier. It also shows me what details I need to focus on. “The Seven Pagodas” is almost finished. I’ll be making a final post when it is done. Feel free to leave your comments, and be sure to check out the other pics on the Gallery page.


The Seven Pagodas – WIP

  • November 21, 2009 10:48 PM

One of our latest projects, “The Seven Pagodas” is nearing completion. This project is a chandelier that will hang in the entryway for my good friends Dawayne and Talia. This was a wedding present to the both of them, and represents the seven seaside temples that are believed to have once stood on the eastern coast of India. Here’s a brief excerpt from my artist statement:

“Shades of blue, and green were to be my palate. From here I played with various configurations of shape and color in a sort of “clean room of the mind”. While going through these configurations, a spark of inspiration came to me. Originally introduced to me through information given by my friend Brandon, the legend of the seven pagodas of Mahabalipurim in what is now the Kancheepuram district on the eastern coast of India.”
Here’s a work-in-progress shot, and the original concept sketch. Check out the gallery area for more pics. -Kyle


Coming up: Odonata (The Eden Series)