With the official launch of our studio website, I figured it was time to focus on the sculpture currently at Art One. This is the first sculpture in our developing Eden series entitled “Odonata” the order of dragonflies and damselflies. This work took quite a while for development and some serious consideration was given to the method of assembly. There are no visible welds anywhere on the damselfly itself, and no apparent way that the piece is put together. Many of the pieces were forge-worked and carved or machined into their final shapes from stock steel. The glass eyes were created using custom made molds to form them into shape at high temperature, and all four glass wings were hand-carved with a vein pattern that exactly matches that of a particular species. The paint scheme required many color tests and several trials before the final finish was achieved. The overall effect that is intended is to portray a creature with vibrant colors that is immediately given notice. I felt that it was important to model this after an insect that I don’t feel is given much notice, however is beautiful in its composition and various colors depending on the species. Take a closer look at the world around you. You never know what you might miss – Kyle

Special thanks: Paul Wagner, Terrill Deaton

                               Body during construction. img48003 Finished Odonata.