It’s been awhile since we’ve posted anything. We’ve been bad, and busy, but that is no excuse. You see, after suffering some serious setbacks with the nautilus, we took the opportunity to look back on our entire process, and see if we can do things a little better for the business( It is a business after all). While Brandon is working on another unrelated project, I myself have decided to go back to school. This leaves us with less time to pursue artwork. However, I do not believe that this will have as substantial an effect on the studio as it might sound. Now that we’ve had some time to evaluate our process for producing work, we believe that we will be able to make better use of our time in the studio, and be fresh for the next opportunity to get in there and work at what we love. We have come to the determination that every part of the business should be approached as an art. This gives us a unique mindset towards the business as a whole, and especially the works that we are crafting. Soon you will have a chance to see the results of this change in the way we do things. I for one, cannot wait…

Till next time (Which I promise will not be as long between posts as before),