So awhile back Brandon was talking about creating a wearable piece of artwork that he could take to the Burning Man festival. We talked about it on and off for about four months, and finally we sat down one afternoon and started to hammer out a design. He wanted to incorporate his new bead making skills into the mask, and wanted to make it out of metal. The design wasn’t clear, and there were many possible directions we could go. Drawing from my own experience with mask designs from different countries, and some of his own thoughts on what he wanted the design to convey, we began to sketch out some variations.

mask-sketch visage

One design inĀ  particular really stood out, and we both agreed that we were very happy with the numerous things we saw in the design and it’s overall potential. After deciding on the basic design, I felt that the predominant shape was closest to that of a motorcycle fender, and suggested that Brandon find a junkyard that specialized in motorcycle parts. He definitely came through and found exactly what was needed. From there we sketched out the design onto the fender, and employed the use of various tools including the plasma cutter for the eye holes. Most of the metalwork was accomplished in a day.

From there Brandon created the paint scheme, and produced some beautiful beads that were strung into the wire crest. Foam padding was inserted, and cordage was used to affix the mask.

mask1 mane

The finished work at Burning Man!