With well over a year since the last post, we’ve had a lot to think about.

What to do next

What we can learn from the past.

It seems longer than the time its been since the last post. Odonata is currently on sale, I find myself thinking about what comes after.

The shop may be open again in a few months or less, and I have plenty of thoughts about what will be the next sculpture in the Eden series. In fact, I’ve already planned, designed, and begun to build portions of the next piece. I am committed to this series, and find that I need answers to a few good questions to help make me a better artist.

I’ll share more details including video and pictures in the coming weeks. School is almost over, and I’m going to have more time to devote to the work I enjoy.


For now, check out the beautiful photos of Odonata on our Ebay posting! Much thanks to Andrei Sorokin!

Ebay listing