For the newest sculpture, a lotus plant is a prominent feature. In this case, the lotus will be quite large, and as before, this will be made mostly out of steel. In the following video, you can see how we use an oxy-acetylene torch to braise wires for the stamens to the flower stem, just below the cone shaped structure, or what would be called the “carpellary receptacle” A lot of work was done to get the flower core to this stage, but I think this video is a great example of how delicate the work can be, and how careful we must be to make sure everything turns out just right. Enjoy! – Kyle

Lotus Flower Core from Brandon Mason on Vimeo.

In this video Kyle is brazing the stamen of the lotus flower onto the base. You can see the seed pod and the stem, and the petals will later be attached just below the stamen. Everything is made of steel.