So it’s been almost three months, but finally we’re back, and moving quickly. So far, all but a few portions of the new damselfly are completed. Yes that’s right! A new damselfly will be part of this new sculpture, although it’s design will be strikingly different from the previous one. This is going to be a large sculpture. Perhaps one of the largest in the Eden series. This week, we had another local artist, Tony Deschiney taking some amazing photographs of the work as Brandon, my father, Paul Wagner, and myself continued working on various parts and pieces. Brandon was hard at work measuring, cutting, and welding together the pieces that make up the underlying framework that all other portions will attach to. My dad worked on precision machining of parts for the body of the damselfly, and I worked on finish work to get the metal for various parts ready for paint. We also began working on color tests for the lotus leaves. A HUGE amount of work was either started, completed, or somewhere in between. Have a look at some of the great pics by Tony of the next sculpture in the Eden series, “Departing Samsara”. – Kyle